Oro Valley Gold Seasoning Refills

Keep those cute little shakers!

Refills of Oro Valley Gold Seasonings are now available!

Request your FREE new dispensing lids under “special instructions” when ordering refills…FREE !

Each hermetically sealed plastic bag contains the exact amount required to refill your new favorite spice jar.


Combination of any two:

  • OVG Steak Seasoning
  • OVG Chicken Seasoning¬†
  • OVG Sonoran Gold Seasoning
  • OVG Pork Rub

Price for refills – 2 bags – $11.00 (minimum order)
Postage charges:  2 bags for $3.00, 4 or 6 bags $5.00

OVG Refills: (2 minimum) $11.00